Dear Parents and Peoria Heights Community,
The past three months of the 2020 school year has been a challenging time for all of us.  Students, teachers, staff and our families have had to deal with a less than ideal ending of the school year.  We have had to transition to remote learning, lost out on student activities, and missed the social interactions with our friends and coworkers.  One positive aspect that we witnessed during the school closure was our School Lunch Delivery Program.  Each week the school district delivered lunches to families to ensure that our students were getting the nutrition that they were accustomed to while they were in school.  Our cafeteria and transportation staff delivered over 1000 lunches and 1000 breakfasts each week.  Our feedback from families on our School Lunch Delivery Program was extremely positive and our staff was grateful for the opportunity to provide this service for our families. 
This communication is to let you know that Peoria Heights School District will have a Summer Grocery Program for summer 2020.  The program will start Thursday, June 11th and run through Thursday, August 2nd.   The District will provide a variety of essential groceries for students to make their own lunches for the week.    
Grocery sacks will include the following:

  • Bread

  • Lunch Meat

  • Fruit

  • Vegetables

  • White Milk

  • Snacks

All children, ages birth to 17 are eligible (current students that are over 17 are also eligible) for the grocery program.  The amount of groceries will be determined by the number of children in each household.
Parents must fill out the grocery order form each week and groceries can picked up at the gym entrance at Peoria Heights Grade School on Thursdays from 7 AM to 12 PM.  The first pick up date is Thursday June 11th.
****There will not be a delivery service for the Summer Grocery Program.****
If you are interested in picking up groceries for your student, please fill out the Summer Grocery Program Order Form by visiting the school district website at 
If you have any questions regarding the Summer Grocery Program, please call 309-686-8800 or email
Yours in Education,
Dr. Eric Heath