Peoria County Bright Futures Remote Learning Page

Daily Assignments

Three activities will be provided to you each day.  Please choose at least ONE activity to complete each day with your child along with the daily feelings journal.         

Monday 5-24

Fine Motor:  Practice cutting scrap paper/magazines. Make a collage of scraps. 

Question of the week- What is your favorite song?  Ask a few people this question and listen to their response. 

Read- Have your child pick a book to read to your by looking at the pictures and making up the story. 

Materials needed: Children’s story book, childrens scissors, scrap paper/magazine, glue, paper 

Benchmarks met: Engage in book-sharing experiences with purpose and understanding. Use language for a variety of purposes. Use strength and control to accomplish tasks. Engage in active play using gross-and-fine motor skills.

 Tuesday 5-25

Gross Motor- Put down a piece of string or tape on the floor and practice balancing on it. 

Letter Oo-  Practice writing the letter Oo.  Draw a picture of something that begins with this letter. 

Be Kind:  Draw a picture for someone special.  Dictate what your child says. 

Materials needed: paper, pencil, crayons, markers, string, tape

Benchmarks met:  Use writing tools with some control.  Engage in active play using gross-and-fine-motor skills. Move with balance and control in a range of physical activities. Use strength and control to accomplish tasks. Express feelings that are appropriate to the situation.

     Wednesday 5-26

Writing- Spread out a small amount of shaving cream and use your finger to write your name. 

Math- Count how many pillows you have in your home. 

Watch this video to learn sign language basics.

Materials: shaving cream, pillows, device to watch video on

Benchmarks met:  Use scribbles, letterlike forms, or letters/words to represent written language. Connect numbers to quantities they represent using physical models and informal representations.  Understand that each of us belongs to a family and recognize that families vary.

Thursday 5-27

Play- Play a memory game with your child 

Color Hunt- Search for 2 items in your house that are purple, search for 3 items that are blue, search for 4 items that are white. 

Science- Lego excavation- put legos in a cup, add water, and freeze.  Then rescue the legos by figuring out how to safely excavate them.   

Materials needed: memory game, objects of different colors, legos, cup, water, and freezer

Benchmarks met:   Engage in active play using gross-and-fine motor skills. Plan and carry out simple investigations. Demonstrate ability to cooperate with others during group physical activities.

Friday 5-28

Dance -  Dance to “Tooty Ta”

The Arts - Portray emotions through movement (e.g. hanging head and drooping shoulders to portray feeling sad)

Sing- Sing “Mary had a little lamb”

Materials needed: device to listen to watch videos on

Benchmarks met: Move with balance and control in a range of physical activities.   Music:  Begin to appreciate and participate in music activities.  Describe or respond to their creative work or the creative work of others.


Red text - learning domain collecting for assessment piece for the week.  We will always collect one feeling journal page per week as well. 

This will tell you each week which activity to send back to your child’s teacher. You will use the platform (Facebook, DOJO, Seesaw, Google classroom, etc.) that your child’s teacher is using to send back pictures, photos, answers to questions, videos and more.  YOU will be helping to provide assessment information each week by completing your weekly family feedback.  This week please send back the following items to your child’s teacher. 

Science- Explore the effects of the sun on objects.  Place objects in sun and shade, feel and discuss the difference in temperature. 

Benchmark met: Observe and discuss changes in weather and seasons using common vocabulary.

One page of your choice from your child’s daily feeling journal. 

Benchmark met: Recognize and label basic emotions.