2004 Scholastic Bowl Summary

The varsity team competed in 75 contests on 21 dates with a final record of 49-26 in the five month season from October to March.  The highlight of the season was winning the IHSA regional by two points over Roanoke-Benson.  PHHS was second in the Prairieland Conference, second in the West Division of the Peoria Area League, third at the Henry Masonic regional, and third at Aledo.  The varsity school record is now 560-338 in the 18 years of competition.

Memorable contests included losing to Rock Ridge in which one team or the other answered all twenty toss-up questions asked, defeating St. Bede on the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, winning the IHSA Regional over #2 seed Roanoke-Benson by two points, and defeating Lewistown in conference play 298-58 after losing to them twice in the conference by a total of 40 points.  Lewistown was also defeated at Aledo by 37 points so the two rivals were 2-2.  Pez candies were eaten by the handful.

Team leader in toss-ups was sophomore Dylan Troxel with 229 toss-up questions answered.  Seniors Matt Fuller with 146 and Justin Massey with 69 were followed by sophomores Jeff Schwindenhammer and Hal Woo with 33, junior Ashley Johnson and sophomore Nick Lawrence with 3, and sophomore Greg Chamberlain with 2.  Amanda Chamberlain and Mike Casey also competed in some varsity matches.  Overall 524 questions were answered for a 7.0 per quiz average. 

The frosh-soph record was 11-18 on nine dates.  Sophomore Mike Casey was team captain and answered 51 questions.  Sophomore Greg Chamberlain answered 21 (plus 2 varsity), freshman Ryan Latvaitis answered 38, and freshman Ansel Wachter answered 12.  Others answering included freshman Pat O’Brien with 5 and sophomore Marc McCarty with 3 toss-ups.  The team answered 130 questions for a 4.5 per quiz average.  Mrs. Lyn Egle was the F/S coach again this year.

Varsity letters were awarded to Justin Massey, Jeff Schwindenhammer, and Hal Woo.  Varsity pins were awarded to Dylan Troxel for a second year letter and to Matt Fuller for a third year letter.  Junior Varsity letters were awarded to junior Ashley Johnson, sophomores Mike Casey and Greg Chamberlain, and freshmen Ryan Latvaitis and Ansel Wachter.  A JV pin was awarded to Nick Lawrence.  Participation certificates go to junior Amanda Chamberlain, sophomores Marc McCarty, Jenna Darnell, Jimmy Cresswell, and freshmen Pat O’Brien and Tiffany Uhlig.  Dylan Troxel received all-sectional recognition.   Matt Fuller received a captain pin for being the varsity captain. 

Fifty point club plaques were awarded to Justin Massey and One Hundred Point Club plaques to Matt Fuller and Dylan Troxel in recognition  of their answering of 69, 146, and 229 toss-up questions respectively.  Justin ends his career with 84 toss-ups (15 as a junior plus 69 this year) and Matt with 231 (6 as a sophomore, 79 as a junior plus 146 this year) and ninth place on the all time career list.

Thanks to all the parents, staff, and non-scholastic bowl students who helped make this another successful, fun, and learning year.   

Prairieland Conference Results

The Peoria Heights High School scholastic bowl team placed second in the Prairieland Conference championship with a 17-4 record.  Lewistown was first with an 18-3 record  followed by PHHS, Cuba, Havana, Elmwood, BPC, Abingdon, and Astoria. The conference contests were held over seven dates with three quizzes each evening.


All-conference medallions were awarded to Ben Sheets (10) of Lewistown with 80 toss-up questions answered, Dylan Troxel (10) of PHHS with 69, Clinton Worthington (12) of BPC with 63, Ryan Stoneking (12) of Cuba with 59, Matt Fuller (12) of PHHS with 45, Cassie Friedrich (12) of Havana with 45, Alex Davis (9) of Elmwood with 40, Cody Schisler (11) of Astoria with 33, and Justin Massey (12) of PHHS and Nathan Holden (   ) of Cuba with 32.   Other Heights students answering conference questions included Jeff Schwindenhammer (10) with 12, Hal Woo (10) with 10, and Greg Chamberlain (10) with 2 toss-up questions answered.





One Hundred Point Club


Bert Wombacher in 1991 with 104

Drew Stout in 1992 with 137

Drew Stout in 1993 with 185

Drew Stout in 1994 with 252

Daniel Walters in 1995 with 203

Daniel Walters in 1996 with 367

Caitlin McLaughlin in 1996 with 100

Pat Aylward in 1997 with 186

Nathan Pauli in 1997 with 121

Nathan Pauli in 1998 with 271

Stephen Woo in 1999 with 140

Stephen Woo in 2000 with 249

Ben Walbert in 2000 with 103

Stephen Woo in 2001 with 246

Adam Wallenfang in 2002 with 171

Adam Wallenfang in 2003 with 219

Matt Fuller in 2004 with 146

Dylan Troxel in 2004 with 229


Career PHHS Toss-up List


709      Stephen Woo               2001

681      Daniel Walters  1996

631      Drew Stout                   1994

423      Adam Wallenfang         2003

392      Nathan Pauli                 1998

296      Ben Walbert                 2001

259      Bert Wombacher          1991

250      Pat Aylward                 1997

231      Matt Fuller                   2004

216      David Mast                  2001

189      Caitlin McLaughlin        1996

180      Matt McClain               1990

128      Susie Woo                   2003

101      Tony Buecker               1995

101      Jake Murrie                  1991